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SubliXpress is a high-speed sublimation machine and a game-changer in the business of industrial sublimation printing machine. This dye-sublimation printer is India's fastest ROI 1.6 m sublimation machine. Equipped with up to 4 industrial-quality Kyocera print-heads, it prints variable ink-jetting intensities between 4-72 PL. The polyester fabric printing machine offers the capacity of 4000 sq. m/day. It enables the textile print businesses to obtain high volume output with a single high-speed sublimation machine. Its industrial feed and take-up system supports diameter roll of up to 400 mm. This sublimation paper transfer machine comes with an advanced ink degassing system to eliminate any kind of bubbles inside the ink giving the print a smooth finish. Low power consumption is one of the advantages of the dye-sublimation printer making it an eco-friendly polyester fabric printing machine. SubliXpress, the high-grade industrial sublimation printing machine comes with infrared dryers for instant drying. This high-speed sublimation machine comes preloaded with advanced Colorjet edition of the RIP software with colour management engine and colour processing tools. It offers fabric specific ICC profile for smooth gradations and vibrant colours for superior print quality.

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  • Up to 4Kyocera Head

  • Multiple Drying System

  • AST - Active Seaming Technology

  • Super Powerful Vacuum bed

  • TST - Transducer Sensor Tech for low GSM paper handling

  • Industrial Feeding & Take-up Roller with Airshaft

  • ANTI CRASH SENSOR : For accurate detection of media unevenness

  • INK DEGASSING SYSTEM & SELF ADJUSTING NEGATIVE PRESSURE : To eliminate the bubble inside the ink,to avoid any ink starvation during printing.

  • AUTOMATIC CAPPING AND WIPING SYSTEM : To ensure continuous production, and for a possible ink reuse.

  • PRINTING TECHNOLOGY : Variable drop Inkjet from 4pl to 72pl with Kyocera print Head.

  • TST (TRANSDUCER SENSOR TECH) : To effectively sync the paper movement during winding and unwinding

  • SOLID ALUMINIUM FRAME : Eliminates vibration, guaranteeing stable print and long life.

  • PRE HEATER : IR rods for instant heat with low power consumption to media

  • POST HEATER : Infrared dryer with blower to provide precise ink absorption on the media for excellent results.

  • DANCING ROLLER : To provide continuous tension and roll alignment

  • TAKE-UP & FEEDER ROLLER : Supports upto 400mm diameter with air shaft.

  • DUAL RAIL : To provide higher precision jetting and sturdiness to the printer carriage, effectively leading to lower maintenance.

  • POWERFUL VARIABLE VACCUM BED : For accurate media feeding

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