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Signage Printer

IRISJET PRO is a low-investment, ultra hi-speed, business maximizing solvent printer - perfect for the indoor and outdoor signage industry. It redefines print speed by delivering superb quality printing at a supersonic 1232 sqft/hr. It accommodates all sizes of media with its 3.2 mtr roll capability. Smart Make In India Engineering ensures optimal delivery and super saver op-ex with its heavy-duty new-tech industrial print heads engineered for long-lasting performance and huge savings on inks & time with pressure purge for individual colors.

IrisJet Pro: Welcome


IrisJet Pro: Features
  • Automatic bulk ink supply system

  • Intelligent interweave pass control

  • Adjustable Vacuum Bed Platen to hold various media

  • Less area required for loading & unloading media due to dual-roller feeding system

  • Automatic media feeding for normal & black-backed media

  • Pre heating, post heating & high speed fan evaporative drye

  • Heavy-duty new-tech industrial print heads for long-lasting performance

  • Super-versatile, delivers best in class print quality for vivid outdoors & indoors signage

  • AIVC tech for consistent jetting

  • Trouble Free Gravity-fed Ink control

  • Huge savings on inks & time with Pressure purge for individual colors

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