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SoniQ i

Signage Printer

The span-new SoniQ i is an ideal choice for the indoor and outdoor signage industry. Blend with splendid features; the machine delivers excellent print quality at an ultra-fast speed of 1232 sqft/hr. It offers maximum performance at a minimum investment and develops business potential. With 3.2 mtr roll capability to accommodate every media size, it can consistently produce precise and vibrant prints.
The heavy-duty forefront industrial print heads of the machine are engineered for lasting performance. It is an excellent alternative for huge savings on inks & time with pressure purge for individual colors.

SoniQ i: Welcome


SoniQ i: Features


SoniQ i comes with unmatched FGP technology, which ensures extremely less deviation between jet to bed distance < 0.1mm over the entire printing span and maintains consistent print quality.

SoniQ i: Image
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