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Solvent Inks: Products


Ideal for outdoor and indoor use and available in vibrant colors, these inks provide robust durability and consistency for graphics that stand the test of time. In addition user gets the ultimate advantage of the highest print coverage thus delivering the most cost effective prints. Unlike other inks, prints using KMC Pro are generally waterproof and UV safe(for outdoor use) These inks promise less downtime, thus saving time and manpower.


The Chief advantage is that these inks produce sharp, crisp output at high speeds. These inks are best suited for vehicle graphics, billboards, banners and adhesive decals. The ink is also reformulated for faster dry times and enhanced image quality. ensures smoothest prints for outdoor print.


KM 800

KM800 ink printing is geared for maximum production and is ideal for industrial machines as there is minimum blockage as compared to other solvent inks. KM800 ink offer excellent punchy colors. The key benefits is the durability of the print and offering excellent outdoor life. Moreover, KM800 ink outputs provide consistency in color across a variety of substrate


This mild solvent ink is ideal for better coverage and produces brilliant results as there is minimal blockage on print heads. This durable ink promise a very long outdoor life. KM1200 are generally waterproof and UV safe. Not just that, these inks promise less downtime, thus saving time and manpower.

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